The magic behind incredible show spectaculars is that the audience can’t see behind the magic. EPS seamlessly integrates complicated show action equipment to create special effects sequences that wow theme park audiences time and again.

Showstopping Special Effects

Never-Before-Seen Effects

EPS’ project portfolio includes dozens of first-ever special effects that continue to amaze audiences year after year. When a client comes to us seeking that “wow-factor,” we always deliver with new designs that have never been done before.

Show Systems Integration

Whether we are designing a small piece in a larger show or managing an entire production for a theme park, we bring our expertise in show systems integration to every project team. Our designers understand the complexities of getting show action equipment to communicate with other components, and we create controls that can effectively integrate all aspects—machinery, automation, lighting, sound, video, and more.

Spectaculars Robustly Designed for Repetition

Our clients can’t afford to close down their marquee show spectacular to repair machinery failures because the systems weren’t built to handle the demands of the project. EPS solves those problems with robust mechanical designs that stand the test of time—and the tests of repetition.

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