From moving characters to magic carpets, if entertainment productions require a specialty apparatus to fly performers through the air, our team meets the challenge. Drawing on decades of experience managing shows with companies like Cirque du Soleil, EPS ensures the safety of performers and audiences through sophisticated technical design of aerial props.

Multi-axes elements, lifts, and flying machines

Our Team's History in Performer Flying

The EPS professionals started their careers working on major entertainment productions that involved elaborate performer flying stunts such as in Cirque du Soleil’s “O” and Wynn’s “Le Reve,” Royal Caribbean’s onboard Centrum atrium shows, high-flying high-speed movie stunts, as well as Disneyland’s iconic nightly Flight of Tinkerbell. Our years of individual experience working with unique shows and permanent installations has built up our collective knowledge base of any fly system. Our team members are dedicated to advancing the safety of performer flying and have contributed to the creation and continued support of ANSI E1.43 standards.

Mechanical Know-How to Design Aerial Props for Fly Systems

Paired with our specialized knowledge of mechanical design and show action equipment, we apply our background in Performer Flying to create customized solutions for any client’s request. For stage productions that require a flying machine to carry a performer, EPS designs Ride-On Props. For shows with aerial choreography, we create custom-themed Acrobatic Apparatuses. For exhibits involving lifting actors, we develop Multi-Axes Elements to elevate and move characters through the air.

Seamless Connection to Performer Flying Systems

EPS’ original flying props and mechanical elements are tailor-made to fit its final installation in any fly system. We coordinate with other performer flying vendors so that our systems meet their technical specifications. We build each apparatus with a defined understanding of the venue’s space, structural and load-bearing limitations.

Ensuring Safety Through Consulting, Training, Maintenance, and Inspections

After EPS designs and delivers a completed aerial prop or any show action equipment, we offer our clients the additional benefits of training, maintaining, and inspecting the system for the future. Performers and production technicians receive formal instruction for operating the system and storing the prop when not in use. We also schedule regular maintenance for upkeep and conduct thorough inspections on a periodic basis.

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