Project Management


We take abstract ideas and turn them into finished projects. Whether we are overseeing a team of consultants to integrate their systems or working alongside the client’s in-house creative designers, we can manage every aspect of the project to ensure a successful build, installation, and operation.

From Concept to Completion and Beyond

EPS Solves the Problems of The Project

Clients trust us to take on more than complex technical challenges; they look to EPS to solve issues regardless of the project’s size, scope, scheduling, and more. Because of our unique background in technical direction and operations, we know how to keep a project moving forward. When we say that we deliver on what we promise, that also means we don’t take multiple change orders to get it right. The most critical components are ensuring that milestones are met and the project team stays in communication every step of the way.

An Owner's Approach

Our independent nature as a design consultant—and not a product manufacturer—translates into specifying the right equipment for the job. We approach projects with the owner’s interests in mind, assembling easy-to-maintain, quality systems that will last the lifetime of the project.

Direct Fabrication Oversight

Our close partnerships with fabrication shops produce designs that are easy to build, yet sturdy enough to perform—again and again. EPS directly oversees the production process to guide and correct any manufacturing complications to keep projects on schedule without any delays.

Installation and Beyond

Having operational components installed on-site and within the framework of existing structures can be the most critical element of our projects. Our team at EPS seamlessly integrates the finished fabrication as part of our clients’ venues and facilities, whether it is designed for back-of-house, within a public atrium, or as a scenic set piece. We guarantee the quality of our results, and we offer training and scheduled inspections to certify that the project is well maintained to last long into the future.

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