We strive for simplicity when conceptualizing and creating complex mechanical systems. Our experienced team develops structurally-sound designs to be durable enough to withstand the rigors of the entertainment industry yet elegant enough to fit within scenic elements.

Easy To Maintain. Reliable. Simply Designed.

Translating Ideas into Concept Designs

With one spark of imagination from our clients, our designers can turn an abstract idea into a conceptual design. We help our partners realize their creative visions through 3D mechanical models before turning them into moving animations. By showing every element from the speed of the motion to the perspective of the audience, our clients can picture the finished element and how it will be incorporated into their project with final construction documents.

Valuing Simplicity

Our team at EPS has discovered that the most obvious solution isn’t always the best one for every client. Through our unique problem-solving process, we evaluate solutions for designing our electro-mechanical systems and show action equipment, presenting all options that meet the project goals. Sometimes those alternate solutions include manual controls that eliminate motorized machines altogether.

Building on Fabricators' Expertise

We recognize that design work can’t happen in a bubble; our designs are engineered into manufactured realities. That’s why EPS’ in-house team of fabrication experts help shape the way we design our projects. Clients in the entertainment industry trust that we have put our designs to the test when it comes to the speed, cost, and quality of fabrication—whether it is for a machine that moves and flies through the air or a specialty apparatus designed to carry a performer above a stage.

Design Through Engineering Drawings

Our clients rely on us for comprehensive design packages that can be incorporated immediately into the project’s construction documents. Using extensions of our team and valued partnerships with other consultants, we offer stamped engineering drawings to meet project deliverables and exceed expectations.

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