Jessica "J.May" May

Sales & Marketing Manager

J.May joined EPS in 2022. In her role as Sales Administrator, she uses her varied skillset to serve as an invaluable factotum who supports colleagues and clients alike throughout the lifecycle of each project. J.May began her professional career as a performer, finally working her way backstage in 2011 as a Producer with ZFX. She considers herself a creative intermediary with a steamer trunk of soft skills, ready to bridge any gap in communication between internal departments or during the sales process.


BFA in Theatre/Acting, Millikin University

First introduction to the industry:

One of my first elementary school teachers had the good sense to give my big mouth a script, a role and a stage, and things escalated from there. From a production and design perspective, I have the Rube Goldberg machines and not-to-scale models of Pee-Wee Herman and Doc Brown, respectively, to thank.

What I listen to at work:

Lo-Fi Hip/Chillhop (Massive Attack, Flamingosis, Bonus Points) to keep me productive; Soundtracks & Scores (Williams, Giacchino) to stay on brand; Weirdo Rock (Mr. Bungle, Tom Waits, Doctor Teeth and the Electric Mayhem); and Podcasts (currently: MFM and The Friendship Onion) to switch things up. You can also never go wrong with Motown.

Dream Vacation:

I would love to explore the Caledonian and Celtic broadleaf forests of Scotland and Ireland or eat my way through the food trucks of Newton Centre in Singapore.

When I'm not at work...

I’m adventuring with my daughter, watching my stories on the small & big screen (send her your streaming recommendations!), antiquing, putzing around the garden or kitchen, checking out a new restaurant with friends, or catching a live show.

Little J.May celebrating Walt Disney World’s 15th anniversary with Mickey Mouse

At the Waterpark with her daughter