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From rigging inspections to industry-leading rigging training, our team has the expertise to solve the unique challenges in houses of worship. EPS works with your in-house staff and volunteers to ensure all of your events are as safe as they are spectacular.

Expert support & design services for houses of worship

As Seen in Church Production Magazine

Check out our two features in Church Production Magazine and see how we were able to support Church of the Highlands in their effort to become a more educated workforce, as well as learn about the expertise our team can bring to the world of modern church stage design and production.


No matter the age or condition of the rigging systems in your sanctuary, our professionals can provide valuable and unbiased inspection services. EPS can evaluate the state of a system and determine a maintenance plan that fits the needs of your equipment. Our team has years of experience in almost every type of venue imaginable, giving us the knowledge and experience to develop the right course of action.


Houses of worship come to EPS to develop customized training sessions focused on their specific needs. Sanctuaries have become complex production spaces with a significant amount of rigging and other AV Support equipment. Training full-time and volunteer crew in proper rigging techniques helps ensure the safety of crew and congregants alike. If our clients require their entire technical workforce to meet a certain level of proficiency, our ETCP Certified Rigging Trainers can implement a program that gets them there.

Rigging Design

EPS specializes in any kind of rigging installation that can be imagined—from scenic and acoustical systems to decorative art and LED walls. No challenge is too great for our team when it comes to complex rigging inside houses of worship, temporary structures, or outdoor events. We have the expertise and experience to design and integrate automation into your system. We perform comprehensive calculations to ensure structures can withstand the dynamic loads of these unique rigging systems.

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