Chimmy Gunn

Lead Mechanical Designer

Chimmy Anne Gunn grew up in Texas and ran away with the circus (twice) before settling down in New York City. While there, Chimmy made a living as a carpenter and technical director: turning ideas into tangible objects for theatre, television, dance, live music performances, block parties, and performance art. Chimmy holds a BFA in technical theater from Sam Houston State University and an MFA in Technical Design and Production from Yale University. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, gardening, thrift store shopping, and roller skating.


BFA in Technical Theater, Sam Houston State University

MFA in Technical Design and Production, Yale University

First introduction to the industry:

I discovered technical theatre by accident when I walked into the wrong room in my first week at a new school.  They handed me a hammer and showed me how to build some scenery, and I’m still in love with building things 25 years later!

What I listen to at work:

Anything from coffeeshop jazz to dubstep to audiobooks, depending on the tasks at hand.

Dream Vacation:

Cruising a narrowboat through the British Canals.

When I'm not at work...

I’m roller skating.