Cheryl Whitney

Human Resources Manager

Cheryl Whitney joined EPS in 2022 as Office Manager. With 15 years of experience in planning, customer support, office management, marketing, business reporting, and invoicing, Cheryl has the skill to manage the workflow of EPS’ team of designers, technicians, and project managers. Throughout her career, she has worked to solve the problems that arise for all business managers in diverse industries from construction and retail to civil services and education. In this integral role, Cheryl will support the office leadership team at EPS to continue delivering customized solutions to our clients.


First introduction to the industry:

Vegas has some of the greatest shows in the world. I was born and raised in this city, and I have always been intrigued by how magnificent the props and
settings are in these shows. Who knew I would end up in a job where those curiosities are now a part of my reality.

What I listen to at work:

Acoustic Guitar, Peaceful Piano, Soft Rock

Dream Vacation:

I love the Island of Kauai… I’d love to spend a couple of weeks traveling all of the Islands and exploring the beauty and differences of each Island.

When I'm not at work...

I’m cooking in the kitchen (I love to cook), or having family and friends over for game night along with delicious drinks and food. I also love binge watching a great series like