Cate Sullivan

Account Manager

Cate Sullivan joined EPS in 2021. In her role as Account Manager, Cate serves as a liaison between clients and EPS’ team of expert technical designers to ensure the client’s vision is fully executed. She has extensive experience working with clients to bring complex visions to life. Having begun her career as a detailer creating mechanical design packages, Cate approaches each project with the precision and clarity necessary for wide-ranging technical scopes, while directing accelerated schedules to completion.


BFA, North Carolina School of the Arts

First introduction to the industry:

I’d switched schools and accidentally wandered into the wrong room. I found people who were more fun than what I’d found in the rest of the building, and they convinced me to stay. After working on productions with them, and discovering people I found equally interesting working as house staff at my local theatre it turned into a lifelong passion.

What I listen to at work:

We listen to entirely too much Eyedea & Abilities and Hamilton in our house.

Dream Vacation:

Hong Kong and Munich will forever be some of our most favorite places to go.

When I'm not at work...

I’m chasing my kids (typically pretending to be the big bad wolf) or baking with them.