Zach “Pony” Golden

Mechanical Designer

Zach “Pony” Golden joined EPS in 2021 as a Mechanical Designer, bringing a strong background working in the entertainment industry. He has experience designing sets and scenic elements for themed entertainment experiences as well as temporary live events and festivals. Zach’s proficiency in a wide variety of design software and fabrication trades—from Inventor and Revit to carpentry and welding—have made him a versatile technician and a valuable addition to the EPS team.


BFA in Theatre Production, Texas Christian University

MFA in Technical Direction, California Institute of the Arts

First introduction to the industry:

I found great community in high school theatre productions. When I went to college, I discovered there is a career in that and I could make money as a Technical Director/Designer. But I wanted to learn more, so I went to graduate school to refine my path which really brought me into this industry.

What I listen to at work:

Depends on the day and how quickly I need to get the work out the door. Electronic Music, Classic Rock, Jazz, and some pop. Electronic music to work fast and the rest to keep me working through the day.

Dream Vacation:

Rent a car and tour the Scottish Highlands.

When I'm not at work...

I’m tinkering in my garage workshop or hiking in the mountains.