Larry Warner

Mechanical Designer

Larry Warner joined EPS in 2022 as a Mechanical Designer, bringing a robust background working in machine building. He has experience designing and building industrial systems as well as managing large logistics operations. Larry’s proficiency in a wide variety of design software and fabrication trades—from Solidworks and AutoCAD to electrical wiring and welding—have made him a versatile designer and a valuable addition to the EPS team.


Associates in Mechanical Design (GRCC)

First introduction to the industry:

I started in the industrial automation field as a welder in 1993. I have been a welder/fabricator, machinist, mechanical builder, electrician, field service tech, maintenance tech, team leader, supervisor, department manager, detailer, and designer. I am excited about this new opportunity in a different aspect of this industry.

What I listen to at work:

My Spotify looks like it is used by a large crowd of people. I literally listen to ALL genres! I can transition from Megadeth, to Tupac, then Ronnie Dunn to Tchaikovsky. I was taught at an early age that there is no wrong music.

Dream Vacation:

I have been all over the United States and Canada, but never overseas. I would love to travel the world by motorcycle. I have seen it done by others and would give anything to give it a try.

When I'm not at work...

Motorcycling is my obsession, passion, and biggest love. I ride, I teach, and I have tried to keep a YouTube channel going. I can be found not only on YouTube (Scooter Larry) riding and evaluating different motorcycles, but I can also be found on IG (scooter_larry) with lots of motorcycling content there as well. My current bike is a 2015 Indian Chief Classic, her name is Chief Mabel.

I am an MSF certified RiderCoach. From April to November, I teach people how to ride a motorcycle safely. It’s the toughest, most rewarding, job I have ever had. It’s less like work and more like reward. I love doing it.

When I’m stuck indoors I like to play videos games like Minecraft, Destiny, Diablo, Fortnite, and a few others as well.