Julia Strange

Mechanical Design Apprentice

Julia Strange is a Mechanical Design Apprentice for EPS and has been modelling with CAD professionally since March 2017. She graduated from UNLV with a BS in Mechanical Engineering in Spring 2017 and has practical research experience in optics and robotics.


Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, University of Nevada Las Vegas

First introduction to the industry:

I’m a big STEM nerd raised in Las Vegas. I have always had an interest in the industry

What I listen to at work:

Too many to list, but I like alt rock, electronica, swing, jazz, punk, and piano.

Dream Vacation:

Outer Space!

When I'm not at work...

I’m reading, or enjoying my other hobbies: film, consumer electronic repair, fashion, automotive repair, interior decorating, programming, dance, and ongoing general study.