Jake McDaniel

Mechanical Designer

Jake McDaniel joined EPS in 2021 as a Mechanical Designer. Thanks to a multitude of internships as a student at Cal Poly Pomona and in his early professional career, Jake broadened his design experience in numerous mechanical engineering applications ranging from theatrical automation and interactive museum exhibits to HVAC systems and theme park ride vehicle systems. His passion for all aspects of robotics and mechanical design makes him a valuable member of the EPS team.


Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Cal Poly Pomona

First introduction to the industry:

While growing up in Southern California, my mom worked in finance at Knott’s Berry Farm for most of my childhood, so I was regularly at the park. I always enjoyed riding the latest roller coasters and themed attractions at Knott’s and the other local parks, and from an early age I developed an interest in the design and engineering behind theme park rides and entertainment productions.

What I listen to at work:

A wide variety depending on my mood, but my go-to is alternative/indie rock.

Dream Vacation:

My favorite thus far was taking a 10-day European theme park/sightseeing tour with some of my closest friends in the industry to celebrate my college graduation. My dream vacation would be to do a similar trip to that one to another international destination like Japan.

When I'm not at work...

I’m, visiting my favorite theme parks, checking out the latest immersive theatre show or pop up art installation with friends, and working on personal design projects.

Paris visit during sightseeing tour

Audience souvenir from the immersive theatre experience “Sleep No More” in NYC